The Legend Herself... Delphina!!!!

Look!  It's me on a pier!
Song playing: For All We Know

Hi there! I am Delphina, a websurfin' 17 year old from California. Well, truth to be told, my name isn't really Delphina, but it's my AOL-derived alias. It came from my dolphin fascination a couple years ago. "Delphinus" is the dolphin constellation, and from that, I created Delphina. I like the name. Much better than :::cringes::: Christina..

I have two parents and an older brother. He was the one that introduced me to the wonders of AOL and the WWW, of which I am eternally grateful. Just don't tell him I said that... *^_^. I also have two dogs, Olivia and Daisy. They're both mutts. Mutts, in my opinion, are the best breed of them all. :)

Okay, hobbies... I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, swimming, downhill skiing, acting, singing, memorizing vast amounts of information (no, I haven't got the Encyclopedia Brittanica memorized... yet..), pondering deep philosophical questions, toying around with my keyboard, visiting various theme parks, traveling (though I don't travel often enough), learning new languages, computing, making web pages, playing Nintendo games, and last, but most certainly not least, ANIME!!!!!

Yes, yes, I admit it. Japanimation's more of an obsession than a hobby in my case. What can I say? I love to draw Anime characters, watch Anime cartoons, buy Anime stuff, watch Anime videos, download Anime pictures, sounds, and movies, go to Anime websites, memorize songs from Animes (which is kinda fun when you don't know how to read or speak much Japanese), and basically just immerse myself in the Anime world. I love it! My favorite Anime is Sailor Moon. I haven't seen very many Animes. Just Sailor Moon, Akira, Devil Hunter Yohko, Ranma 1/2, Project A-ko, Macross Plus the Movie, Ghost in the Shell, Tenchi, Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Half, Record of Lodoss War, Dragon Ball Z, Dominion Tank Police, Kite, Sorcerer Hunters, Galaxy Frauline Yuna 1 & 2, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bio Booster Armor Guyver, Slayers, and a teeny tiny bit of Voltron. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Not to say I don't have a life, too. I have a life... really... HEY! STOP LAUGHING!!! I DO!!!

I like to fiddle with HTML and make webpages in my spare time as well. Normally they're Anime related, too. Surprise, surprise. But I do have a couple of others. Here's a list of all of my current webpages:

  • Lorelei's Chrono Trigger Vault-- This, as the title implies, is my Chrono Trigger website. Chrono Trigger is a Nintendo game from Japan. A sensationally popular RPG, I have never had the opportunity to own it, just borrow. But it was really neat for the time I had it, and I immersed myself in it like I have a tendency to do with things. *^_^ I get it from my father. So I played it a bunch, took notes (yes, I took notes on a video game), and came up with a really killer quiz on it, Lorelei's Semi-Difficult CT Quiz. Many have tried to ace it, few have succeeded... dare you take the challenge?

  • Chibi-Chibi's Nook-- My best-est most favorite-est webpage of them all!! It focusus on Chibi-Chibi, that cute-as-a-button reddish pink-haired two-year old on Sailor Moon. There isn't much information on her on the WWW, as popular as she is, so I made a web page. It's quite good, I think. Check it out!

  • Sailor Spiff Fanfic Library-- This semi-neglected (okay, totally neglected) page was made for the Sailor Spiffs, a group of my friends that are/were making Sailor Moon webpages.... but most of them fizzled out because they didn't have the time to make webpages. Anyway, like the title implies, it's a collection of Sailor Moon fanfictions. Not incredibly flashy. But it's got a couple of good stories. Check it out!

  • Jupiter's Hangout-- WARNING! Highly under construction. This is a shrine I'm building to Sailor Jupiter. Not quite finished yet, but you can still look at it if you want to.

  • Delphina's Sailor Moon MIDI page-- A bunch of Sailor Moon MIDI files (as many as I could fit into my Angelfire account, anyway... *^_^).

  • Project A-ko MOV Files-- A couple of my Project A-ko MOV files. I hope they work....

And more websites are in the making... I'll keep you posted.

If you get a chance, you should visit some of my friends's pages, also. And sign their guestbooks! I'm sure they'd all really appreciate it. Just tell them Delphina sent you... -giggle, giggle!-

  • BlackVegie's Homepage-- My boyfriend's homepage! It's got a whole bunch of stuff. And a spinny green skull!! Very cool!

  • The OC Supertones-- This page is devoted entirely to Tommy's favorite subject: himself!! I did the Anime artwork for him... :)

  • Sailor Spiff's Control Center-- This is the Sailor Spiff's main page and directory to other spiffy pages. It's pretty neat, but also long neglected.... such a shame...

  • The FUN House-- Kristen gave me HTML help when I needed it, for which I am eternally grateful, even though I don't talk to her much anymore. This is her home page which branches off into Sailor Moon, Lion King, personal, and school pages. Very well made! Check 'em out!

Well, I think that's about all you'd care to know about me. I know I'd be pretty sick of me right now, too. But thank you for visiting my personal page, I really appreciate it. Now if you would only sign my guestbook, I'd be really happy. Or you could look at it, I guess. Or if you have any majorly urgent issues, heck, drop me an e-mail! Thanks again! Bai!!